The BBC is broadcasting a live radio segment from Oceanside today framed around the question, “Is America working?” for its interactive global news program, “World Have Your Say.”

Broadcasting with partner station 89.5 KPBS, the 10 a.m. show anchored by Ros Atkins will connect local audiences with those around the world to discuss and debate key issues surrounding the U.S. economy through the focus of iconic American jobs. From farmers, factory workers, actors, truckers and soldiers to office workers and bankers, the show takes a look at the impact of the economy on the lives and jobs of ordinary Americans.

Utilizing social media, the show enables audiences around the world to engage with the program both on air and via social media spaces. Audiences can join the debate on Twitter (@bbc_whys) and on Facebook (World Have Your Say).

Launched in Cleveland on Oct. 17, the program has traveled to Chicago and Los Angeles and is scheduled to visit Scranton, Pa. and New York. On Nov. 2, just before Election Day, “World Have Your Say” will be at the historic Old South Meeting House in Boston to broadcast a live TV debate show that will air on the BBC’s international 24-hour news channel, BBC World News.

“World Have Your Say” broadcasts daily on radio — in the U.S. via public radio stations and globally on the BBC’s international news network BBC World Service. Weekly TV broadcasts air on the BBC’s international 24-hour news channel, BBC World News.