Green Forest Nutrition, which makes dietary supplements, said March 27 that it has developed a new “functional food” product called Gummy Owls, which will help adults and adolescents lose weight.

The San Diego-based company is marketing its Gummy Owls as “the world’s first family friendly weight loss gummies.”

Lee Zhong, who founded Green Forest Nutrition in 1999, said the product is geared to helping overweight people lose extra fat, and helping fit people manage their weight.

For now, the product is sold exclusively through the company’s website. But Zhong said he expects Gummy Owls will soon be available at GNC stores, where the company’s other product — a blood-sugar stabilizer called Glucocil — has been on the shelves since August.

The company said the sweet-tasting Gummy Owls are made with a “yam super fiber,” also known as konjac mannan, which is believed to safely reduce body weight and fat in adults and children older than 12. The gummies are naturally sugar free, fat free, salt free, stimulant free, herb free and gluten free.

Customers are directed to eat at least three Gummy Owls 30 minutes before each meal to aid in weight loss, said Zhong, who earned a medical degree in China and a Ph.D. at UCLA.

Green Forest Nutrition also does business as Neuliven Health Inc. The company has eight research and development employees in the Pacific Mesa area of San Diego and contracts out its manufacturing to a Texas company. It also sells vitamin and dietary supplement ingredients to U.S. food manufacturers. Zhong said the company generates about $10 million in annual sales.