CFOs will also need to be masters of achieving the right level of balance when managing the risks and opportunities related to aggressive business plans. With the strengthening economy, CEOs will want to expand into new programs and projects. To evaluate the impacts, CFOs will need to think strategically about how best to manage the risks, arrange the necessary financing, and explain the implications to investors and other users of financial statements. With interest rates near zero and expected to stay there through 2014, CFOs may be called upon to evaluate more business combinations, joint ventures, and strategic alliances. And, CFOs may find more options for raising the capital needed for expansion. Innovative techniques such as “crowd-funding” and an “IPO on-ramp” are being discussed by lawmakers, and the SEC is considering rule changes that would allow companies to make a securities offering without going through the IPO process.

The benchmarks of success vary by organization and industry sector. But a common denominator for all CFOs is the need for flawless judgment when dealing with a diverse mix of stakeholders that may include customers, suppliers, employees, business partners, lenders, venture capital partners, investors, and regulators. It is a tall order. But the rewards will be great for CFOs who have the ethics, insights and balance to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

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