1. Stations

Elegant, chef-attended stations that provide food to your guests in an elegant setting, while keeping your party lively. This style of service encourages networking!

  1. Sit Down Service

Your guests are served dinner at their table, consisting of several courses. Each table has servers assigned to take care of your guests in a friendly, unobtrusive manner.

Are you considering beverage service for your event? Not all caterers are licensed to provide alcohol service and may have to outsource it to another service. As a fully

licensed and insured catering company with a great service reputation, The French Gourmet is proud to be one of the few off-premise caterers in San Diego licensed for the service of alcoholic beverages. Most of the time, your arrangements can be made over the phone or by email. We give you one price you can depend on with your proposal, and it will cover everything from food to place settings, bar service to equipment rentals, and anything else you’ve specified as important. Once you’ve received a comprehensive quote, a tasting may be provided for you to fine tune your menu, if necessary. We’ll schedule a meeting at the party location with your assigned French Gourmet party or event manager to discuss the logistics of your event. This will enable you to get a feel for where everything will go and the overall flow of the party.

Making YOU look good is a priority for us! Planning the perfect event is never easy, but enlisting the help of a reputable and professional caterer like The French Gourmet will help ease the stress.

Submitted by The French Gourmet

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