AKT helps organizations and individuals achieve their goals by offering an integrated suite of financial and business consulting services. The professionals at AKT work as trusted advisors and consultants, helping clients solve problems, recognize opportunities, streamline processes and better utilize their resources.

Tax Services

Tax planning is an essential element of any integrated financial management strategy. Not only do organizations need to comply with increasingly complex regulations, they also need a trusted

advisor with a proactive approach to manage tax risk, control costs and reap maximum benefit. AKT’s team of tax professionals strive to know their clients, their business and the various tax

implications impacting them.

Financial Assurance and Advisory

In today’s competitive environment, business owners, investors, creditors and charitable donors are demanding more financial information to make their decisions, requiring a greater need for assurance services. AKT’s assurance philosophy involves developing a deep knowledge of our client’s industry, their financial statements and their internal control environment.

Employee Resources

People are a company’s greatest asset. Organizational success often hinges on how a workforce is acquired, developed and deployed in the marketplace. AKT’s experienced professionals help define and articulate an employee resources strategy to manage costs, prevent lost work though wellness programs and help owners and employees achieve their long-term financial goals.

Management Consulting

Organizations are continually changing. They adapt. They grow. Their leadership evolves. But, the need for optimal performance never waivers. AKT provides comprehensive strategic, financial, performance and organizational management consulting services. As a result, clients obtain real-world information and advice that leads to tangible and lasting solutions.

AKT helps clients grow and succeed by improving their business performance with a highly personalized level of service delivered at the local level.

Submitted by AKT LLP