Jacobs Medical Center

UC San Diego Health System, No. 3 on the list, is expecting to break ground on the Jacobs Medical Center in April.

“We estimate this will bring more than 750 new hospital jobs to San Diego,” said Jacqueline Carr, director of press and media relations — clinical.

Featuring ‘smart walls’ in patients rooms, the wall-sized video screens allow patients to watch TV, check medical records, video-conference with doctors or Skype with anyone anywhere in the world, according to the building’s website. A Wii-like system will bring exercises for physical therapy right to their bed.

UC San Diego is also deeply involved locally in the Health Information Exchange program. A member of the San Diego Beacon Collaborative, a project funded by the Obama administration to integrate health IT into patient care, UCSD was just awarded the prestigious Stage 7 Award from the Health Information and Management Systems Society Analytics (HIMSS), a nationwide system used to track electronic medical records progress, for their work in this area.

Other hospitals involved in the San Diego Beacon Collaborative are Rady Children’s Hospital, No. 5 on the list; Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System, No. 13 on the list, Sharp Community Medical Group and Children’s Primary Care Medical Center.

Anupam Goel, co-principal investigator for the Collaborative and associate professor of medicine at UCSD said for the system to be effective and provide the highest level of care to everyone, the patient needs to consent to allow his or her records to be shared.

“This consent is crucial to improve care coordination among providers, avoid redundant testing and ultimately reduce health care costs,” Goel said.