PhotoBin, a San Diego-based business that creates digital images from old photos, negatives and slides, is trying to capitalize on one of Facebook’s most recent initiatives.

PhotoBin’s offer: It will scan 200 photos for $19.99, instead of its usual $55 price, to help people build their Facebook timelines.

Facebook introduced its timeline feature in September. Timeline lets people post milestones of their lives, especially those moments before Facebook’s introduction in 2004.

The offer, announced Feb. 20, targets older people who use Facebook, noted Hugh Plautz, PhotoBin’s director of marketing. Plautz said he and other PhotoBin managers were “shocked” to learn how many people age 35 and older used Facebook.

PhotoBin founder and CEO Steve Weber may be better known as the founder of Z57 Inc., a specialist in real estate websites.

Facebook has more than 3,000 employees and is based in Menlo Park.

— Brad Graves