Reka Health Pte. Ltd., a mobile health technology company based in Singapore, recently announced the opening of the company’s U.S. headquarters in San Diego.

The company is increasing production as it prepares to sell its products and services in the U.S. market.

Ron Richard, CEO of Reka Health Inc., said the company chose San Diego as the location for its U.S. headquarters because of the region’s heavy concentration of health and biotech companies.

“We selected San Diego based on the developments in the mobile tele-health sector over the past few years,” Richard said. “San Diego has a number of biotech companies developing technologies focused on this emerging sector.”

The company recently showcased the FDA-cleared E100 cardiac event monitor at the mHealth Summit in Washington D.C.

The machine allows patients to use thumb electrodes on the machine to record and store cardiac events as they happen and then transmit those records to their physician using cloud technology.

— Emily Pippin