At Kaiser Permanente, the way we deliver health care is different. We are the caregiver, the hospital, the laboratory, and the pharmacy. In fact, what makes us unique is that we play every position across the care continuum – providing the health care coverage and delivering the health care itself. Because of this, our organization is driven by professionals whose roles range from health care and business professionals to construction and customer service experts. What brings us together is our universal commitment to improve the health and wellness of our members, patients, colleagues, and communities.

With more than 8,000 employees and physicians serving the unique needs of more than 515,000 San Diegans, you can imagine that it takes a vast range of skills to keep our organization growing and our members thriving. To that end, we do our best to attract the most diverse and talented staff and physicians to join our team.

At Kaiser Permanente, the work we do directly affects the health of millions. From the business people who shape our policies, to the IT professionals enabling life-saving data, to the nurses and physicians on the front line of patient care, we all know we have a role to play in the care continuum. Knowing we have a place in that process and witnessing the outcome of the work we do is empowering. It gives us a cause to stand behind. And it makes us feel proud of the work we do every day. When our Kaiser Permanente family is able to witness the impact of our contributions, we excel. Together we have the power to make a difference.

Our healthy workforce culture is built around healthy living and work life balance. We offer an outstanding compensation and benefits package and the peace of mind of knowing that our organization is well-positioned to be a vital trailblazer well into the future. We embrace the power to thrive and we provide opportunities for our members, as well as our staff and physicians to live and lead an active, good life. We offer exercise incentives, flexible work schedules and encourage professional development.

We’ve established a labor-management partnership, a team that is comprised of participants from each spectrum of a work unit, to improve performance, increase efficiencies and find better ways of caring for and serving our members. These teams support our regional business strategy and goals for performance, service quality, efficiency and growth. Because teams increase consistency and standardization of treatment, they improve care.

We also encourage and provide opportunities to focus on each individual. A huge part of staying motivated and feeling valued comes from experiencing new things. Professional development – whether it takes the form of continued education, learning from team members, or taking our career in an entirely new direction – is a key component of life at Kaiser Permanente. Working at an organization with the size and resources of Kaiser Permanente means there’s always room to try something new. And with countless continued learning and career development opportunities, it’s clear that our organization feels the same way. We know that to be our best, we must continually challenge ourselves to reach our goals, and then set new ones.

It becomes immediately clear that ongoing learning, growth, and education are supported throughout the organization. Whether you work in the patient care environment or in customer service. Whether you’re interested in honing and refining existing skills or acquiring new knowledge and experience. At Kaiser Permanente, we encourage new growth. We value work life balance. We believe in good health in all aspects of life. Yours. Ours. And everyone’s.

Submitted by Kaiser Permanente