Investors in San Diego County’s Investment Pool, a group of 42 school and community college districts, the local Airport Authority and some 48 other special districts, can sleep soundly knowing the pool is rated AAA by Standard & Poor’s, the absolute highest rating the credit rating agency hands out, and one the pool has achieved for 11 straight years.

In an Oct. 12 announcement, County Treasurer — Tax Collector Dan McAllister said the pool’s cash has increased to a record $7.2 billion, and is managed to provide a maximum return while safeguarding principal and maintaining liquidity.

The pool was also accorded an S1 rating for extremely low volatility.

The pool’s investments, primarily highly rated federal bonds and other high rated federal securities, are directed by a 10-member oversight committee made up of county officials, school district officials, a special district official and five public members.

— Mike Allen