San Diego International Airport on Nov. 21 unveiled its newest public artwork in Terminal 1, by local artist Miki Iwasaki.

The piece, featuring interactive lighting, measures approximately 64 linear feet and is mounted on a wall overlooking the baggage claim area.

A statement from the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, which oversees the airport, said the installation is part of Phase II of the facility’s art master plan, which seeks to integrate artwork in the building design and infrastructure of the airport.

The art projects are part of the airport’s $1 billion Green Build plan, the largest renovation project in the 80-year history of Lindbergh Field.

Iwasaki’s new piece employs a grid pattern comprised of wooden boxes with varied dimensions, with each section packed in a module system creating a composition that can be observed from multiple scales and perspectives.

Each box has a lighting component embedded behind a wood veneer lens that connects to motion sensors mounted underneath the piece. The statement said the pattern of illumination is influenced by the interplay of the piece with passers-by in the terminal.

— Lou Hirsh