ViaSat Inc., the Carlsbad satellite equipment manufacturer that launched its $400 million satellite into orbit in October, said Dec. 7 that it transferred the first data over its broadband data network.

ViaSat said it transmitted and received various data through initial testing of the system that included email, web surfing, and video streaming. Testing of the system, which ViaSat said has the highest capacity of any in the world, will continue through mid-December.

Once the initial testing phase is completed, ViaSat will begin a final phase of integration with a network of ground stations that connect the satellite to the Internet backbone. Commercial service is expected to begin before the end of this year, the company said.

The broadband service that targets rural customers who don’t have cable is being offered in this country under WildBlue, and Xplornet in Canada, as well as on Jet Blue Airways flights.

— Mike Allen