A joint venture that includes Fallbrook-based Straub Construction Inc. has been awarded a $46.5 million contract for the design and construction of truck company facilities at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

A Dec. 5 statement said Straub and Pasadena-based C.W. Driver, which has a San Diego office, will do work on six facilities in the base’s Margarita Area, including renovations, infrastructure and site improvements. Completion is scheduled for September 2013.

Also involved in the project are San Diego-based architectural firms RJC Architects and Gensler Architects.

First developed in 1953, the Margarita Area is undergoing significant transformation with the replacement of buildings, improvements to vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow, and the addition of landscaping and other improvements consistent with newer developments on the base.

As part of their joint venture formed about a year ago, Straub and C.W. Driver will lead a design-build project that includes replacing the existing dining facility, armory and single-Marine facility, and the existing vehicle maintenance facility will be totally renovated.

Other new facilities will include a company headquarters building, warehouse, dispatch building and communications hut. Base operations will not be interrupted.

The statement said this is Straub’s sixth project at Camp Pendleton in the past four years and C.W. Driver’s first project at the base. It is the first project of the Straub-Driver joint venture, which is planning to pursue more projects in the near future.

— Lou Hirsh