Stories for September 2001

Monday, September 24

Commentary Provoking China over Taiwan is a no-win tactic for U.S

Should Taiwan be an independent country? And should the U.S. support Taiwan in its quest for independence?

Profile MaeLin Levine displays business sense and gift for teaching

When MaeLin Levine was a business major at the University of Denver, a statistics class proved to be her undoing.

High-Tech TIG expands into Bay Area with merger

The San Diego-based Technology Integration Group has moved into the Bay Area, and it has done it in a familiar way.

Technology Computer science enables rapid biological research

To keep pace with their competition, biotechnology companies must generate and sift through vast amounts of data.

Literature Biographies explore remarkable lives in science

Like sand slipping through your fingers, summer has a way of getting away from you, and this summer was no exception.

Health Care Americans struggle with emotional aftermath of attacks

In the wake of recent terrorist events, all Americans are struggling with emotions ranging from disbelief and grief to fear and even anger, reported the National Mental Health Association based in Alexandria, Va.

Government Port executive resigns

Dennis Bouey, executive director of the San Diego Unified Port District, has called it quits after three years.

Expansion Smart facility planning requires insight into company's goals

As growing biotech companies in particular are undergoing reorganization of their existing layout, or moving to entirely new facilities, having a standardized, feasible plan in place as it relates to interior office space can minimize downtime and disrupt

AIDS UCSF, Immune Response drop countersuits

After nearly a year of dispute, UC San Francisco and Immune Response Corp. have reached an agreement that will dismiss a multimillion dollar arbitration.

New Construction Offers 'Home' for Children With Illnesses

The first of three cottages designed by San Diego-based architecture and interior design firm Austin Veum Robbins Parshalle has been completed at the San Diego Center for Children.

Public Relations Stock/Alper acquired by Nuffer, Smith, Tucker

Local public relations firms Nuffer, Smith, Tucker, Inc. and Stock/Alper & Associates are merging next week, with Nuffer paying an undisclosed amount for a share of Stock/Alper's assets.

Real Estate Building owners group stressing safety, security

Stephen Roel Retires as Chief Executive Officer of S.D.-based Roel Construction

Research UCSD researchers' work honored nationally, internationally

Three UCSD School of Medicine researchers were recently honored for their contributions to the study of medicine.

Transportation Changes to Brown Field Plan don't quiet foes

Transportation: Changes in Flight Pattern Criticized As a 'Last-Minute Ploy'

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Transportation Fear of flying bolsters Amtrak train ridership

With the image of jumbo jets crashing into the World Trade Center in New York fresh in the minds of most Americans, more travelers are choosing to take the train rather than fly.

Biotechnology Companies

Biotechnology Companies

The Bishop's School Nears Goal With $2M Gift

The school year at The Bishop's School in La Jolla got off to a good start , to the tune of $2 million.

Media VitroRobinson lands hole-in-one with Cobra account

Earlier this month, the locally based firm was named agency of record for Cobra, which is located in Carlsbad and owned by Lincolnshire, Ill.-based Fortune Brands Inc.

Finance Investors appear willing to ride out the storm

Last week's expected battering of Wall Street following the longest closure of markets since the Great Depression didn't rattle most local investors, who refused to engage in panic selling.

'Pocket Bike' Offers Zippy Way to Get Around

San Marcos-based Severe Scooter imports and sells "pocket bikes" from Italy and the Czech Republic. These are working motorcycles so small that it's tempting to put one in your briefcase.


The number of people who say they would be willing to give up some freedoms in order to have more security alarms me. I am reminded by the scripture in the Bible that says, "what does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?" The soul

Wireless Wireless 911 deadline will be missed

Wireless: Technology for Locating Cell Phones Not Available by Oct. 1 Date

Research Kimmel Cancer Center names new president, CEO

Dr. Albert B. Deisseroth recently joined the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center in La Jolla as its president and CEO.

Law Course teaches future attorneys to 'dig deep'

California Western School of Law's California Innocence Project takes role-playing to a new level.

Government Port directors balk at airport legislation

A bill to create a regional airport authority to operate and possibly relocate Lindbergh Field has made its way to the governor's desk, but one local agency is still fighting it.

Commentary Brown Field: A vision for the future blocked by greed

If we in San Diego live in a great city, it is only because we are standing on the shoulders of the visionaries who made it happen a generation ago.

Enterprise A wedding, a bet, and Mitt and Gumby

San Diego-based Custom Logos got its lucky break thanks to a bi-coastal bet between Mitt and Gumby.

Cox Hosts Live 'Salute to Teachers' at Civic Theatre

Television star Alfonso Ribeiro will be the master of ceremonies at a local event, "Salute to Teachers."

Lead Investors' faith in biotech likely to remain strong

iotechnology firms may be hard-pressed to raise cash in this time of growing economic uncertainty following recent terrorist attacks in New York's financial district, industry experts predicted.

CyberBucks Rules in stock repurchases relaxed for time being

Federal regulators loosened some rules covering stock repurchasing by public companies in an effort to stem a major sell-off on Wall Street last week.

Diabetes Chapter Hopes to Raise Funds By Walking

The San Diego chapter for the American Diabetes Association hopes hundreds of San Diegans will walk together and raise needed research money to find new drugs.

Finance Regents, Discovery Valley banks begin operations

All things considered, this isn't the best time to open a bank; but don't tell that to the organizers of two new San Diego community banks that opened last week.

People On The Move

Queenie Bell has joined Business Valuation Services as an analyst. Washington Mutual has hired Angela Him-Moreno as its business development officer.

Disaster Preparedness Biotechs eye vital data preservation, research storage

Employees are the bones, sinews, and brains of any company, but information is the very lifeblood. A loss of vital information can be disastrous to a company, but like blood, information can be replaced, provided that it has been properly backed up.

Small Business and Retail Small firms should survive post-attack jitters

Now that the initial shock over the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States has subsided, one question is how the national tragedy would affect small business in an already weakened economy.

Real Estate & Construction

Selling agents: Arthur Bleier of Voit Commercial Brokerage represented the seller. Tom Aycock of A & A Realty Advisors represented buyer.

Investment San Diego a hotbed of biotech growth

San Diego companies and investors benefited from the quick run up in telecommunications, wireless, Internet and related stocks until early 2000 when the IPO window slammed shut. Then, the buzz quickly went from everyone talking about "the new, new thing"

Property Management WTC tragedy puts building owners on alert

Local property managers are even more aware of the safety concerns of their tenants after the recent terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, one of the largest office complexes in the world.

Economy Oceanside girds itself for the possible deployment overseas of Marines from Camp Pendleton

Sit on the doorstep of a military base, as this community does, and the possibility of war brings a second possibility: a reshaped economy.

Travel Traveling? Arrive early at the airport

Although corporate travel has slowed significantly since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the East Coast, those still making business trips will have a longer and slightly more complex process when they get to Lindbergh Field and other major airports.

Maritime Restrictions causing few headaches on San Diego Bay

Increased restrictions for vessels on San Diego Bay because of the recent terrorist attacks are causing some delays, but no major headaches, according to some businesses in the area.

Defense Titan wins $277 million in defense contracts

San Diego-based Titan Corp. emerged from four days of halted stock trading and found itself surrounded by admirers.

Editorial Sacrifice includes businesses, too

America is girding herself for what President George W. Bush says may be a prolonged war against terrorism, a war that may include more attacks on U.S. targets. Military reserves are being called to active duty for "homeland defense." Restrictions are bei

Defense Experts: Expect prolonged war on terrorists

Rather than a quick military strike in response to the attack of Sept. 11, the United States will likely mount a long-term, comprehensive war against terrorists, say two San Diego experts on terrorism.

Politics 'Biotech era' spawns scientific and political concerns

The beginning of a new social and political age is emerging, moving from the eras of physics and chemistry to the age of biology. The recent Industrial Age divided the world on how to control production and sharing the fruits of industry. This led to soci

Monday, September 17

Editorial Trying to find the bottom line here

In business, the overriding factor in virtually any decision is, how will this affect the bottom line?

Lead Third generation debate rages across wireless industry

Get a group together to talk about wireless telecommunications and the debate is bound to stir.

For The Record

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Biotech Idec gets nod from FDA panel on lymphoma drug

San Diego's biotechnology firm Idec Pharmaceuticals Corp. cleared a major hurdle when the Food and Drug Administration's advisory panel recommended approval for its powerful radioactive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma drug, Zevalin.

Energy Local fuel prices should remain stable despite attacks

Although some states have seen gasoline prices climb as high as $6 a gallon, the World Trade Center tragedy last week is not expected to have much effect on the supply or price of fuel locally.

Adoptable Pets Showcased During Macy's Fashion Show

The San Diego Humane Society and Macy's department store got together recently to showcase back-to-school fashions and pets available for adoption.

Small Business and Retail Home Depot, AstroPower launch solar program

A major retail chain is launching a program in San Diego to assist Californians in the ongoing energy crisis.

Kumeyaay Culture Now Accessible on the Web

Larry Banegas bought the Web address ( more than three years ago. Then he waited.

CyberBucks Six local firms benefit from state grant program

The San Diego Regional Technology Alliance, a nonprofit association promoting the high-tech industry here, handed out $726,525 in state-grant funds to six firms through the California Technology Investment Program, also called CalTIP.

People On The Move

Bank of Coronado has promoted Pamela T. Davis to senior vice president. Steve Carter has been named one of the best financial advisors in the nation by Worth Magazine, Inc. Timeline Ventures has added Sangeet Chowfla as a venture partner.

Editor's Notebook The challenge now before us

This is not the column I intended to write. But as I type these words, the United States of America is reeling from the most vicious sneak attack it has experienced since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Publisher's Notebook A publisher's thoughts on America

Editor's note: The following was written by Business Journal Publisher Ted Owen to the staff of this newspaper the day after last week's devastating terrorist attacks on the East Coast.

Tourism Radisson Harbor View takes on new hues

The Radisson Hotel Harbor View in Downtown, currently painted pale pink with light blue trim, is expected to take on a brighter and more dramatic appearance in the next month or so.

Retail Extreme sports industry booms as economy lags

Other sectors of the economy may be flagging, but one area, which prides itself on catering to "cool" people, is pretty hot right now.

Communications Reframing business communication in the digital era

Benjamin Disraeli once said, "The area of conversation consists of the exercise of two fine qualities: You must originate and you must sympathize; you must possess at the same time the habit of communicating and the habit of listening. The union is rare,

Trade Attack's impact on local trade still uncertain

Local companies are still assessing what the impact will be on their international business dealings after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington, Va.

Energy Experts warns of another pending electricity crisis

Just when we all thought we'd escaped the threat of rolling blackouts, an industry executive is warning that they could happen again.

Tracy Serves Up Advice For Corporate Success

Brian Tracy was on the run last week, flying to Chicago and then on to Toronto to make a series of speeches to corporate clients.

Commentary Directly elected San Diegans vs. Sacramento cronies

Regarding the editorial "Regionalism Plan Reaches the Border" (Aug. 27, San Diego Business Journal), the Business Journal has taken a surprising position in favor of an unfunded state mandate imposed upon us by Sacramento.

Profile 'King' Stahlman is a master storyteller as well as the city's leading bail bondsman

'King' Stahlman Is a Master Storyteller as Well as the City's Leading Bail Bondsman

Real Estate Industrial property dwindling in East County

Real Estate: Like Much Of The County, Land Is Becoming Scarce For Large Projects

Technology San Diego firms aiding fight against terrorism

Some do it by contributing to the security of air travel. Others offer more general services to the government. But in small ways and big, San Diego technology companies work to fight terrorism.

Media Local media drops ads to report terrorist acts

When the Pentagon and the World Trade Center came under terrorist attack Sept. 11, San Diego media outlets dropped commercials and pulled together a mix of national coverage and local stories.

Tourism Post-attack safety concerns impact hospitality industry

Promises of heightened security came from all sides of San Diego's visitor industry last week, in the face of terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C., that claimed hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.

Economy Attack's economic impacts to be felt locally

While San Diego's economy has been fairly resistant to the slowdown that's hit the rest of the nation, the terrorist attack on New York City and Washington, D.C., may be the straw that breaks the camel's back, local analysts said.

Enterprise ARCO Training Center strengthens Olympians' dreams of glory

Business: Training facility dedicated to the development of U.S. Olympic athletes

Airport Grounding of planes to take a toll locally

More than 600 flights on 17 airlines fly in and out of Lindbergh Field on a daily basis.

Telecommunications Manufacturers

Telecommunications Manufacturers

Sports Biz Chargers under league average in ticket prices

According to Chicago-based Team Marketing Reports, it's become more expensive for a family of four to attend an NFL game.

High-Tech buys firm on East Coast

Teachers, administrators and other people who have an interest in schools will be hearing a lot more from San Diego-based

Spa Offers Holistic Approach to Healing

Dr. Stephen Krant, a plastic surgeon, had been in private practice for two decades when he and his wife ventured into another beautifying business , SK Sanctuary.

Biotech Arena drop 'textbook' result of negative forecast

Investors sent San Diego-based Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s shares plummeting after management announced lower-than-expected results for 2001 and 2002.

Real Estate & Construction

Corky McMillin Cos. has begun demolition, hazardous materials abatement and remediation of properties from the former Naval Training Center property.

Office Businesses capitalize on technologies to compete

The telecommunications industry seems to be zooming into the future at an ever-increasing pace.

Health Care Rising costs threaten employee health benefits

A recent report by a national research group shows in 2001, employers have been faced with the highest health premium rate hikes since 1992 and can expect to pay even more next year.

Trade Panel focuses on the future of Japanese business

It took decades for Japanese companies to build successful business operations in the United States, but the future of Japanese business , at home and in the U.S. , is somewhat uncertain.

Monday, September 10

Energy SDG & E; rate hike decision is delayed

San Diegans have received a reprieve from the possibility of rate hikes this fall.

Electric-Powered Car Designed for Urban Use

A San Diego Ford dealership is now offering a zero-emissions electric-powered car for lease.

Environment Barrio Logan at center of environmental battle

One environmental agency says yes. Another says no. And business investment in the neighborhood could be at stake.

Ballpark East Village redevelopment project evolves with the changing economy

While the vision for redevelopment in Downtown's East Village neighborhood , spurred by the $452 million San Diego Padres' ballpark , has not changed, the market is shifting for some of the planned projects.

People On The Move

Wells Fargo & Co. has added Joanne Licausi as assistant vice president of public relations. Bank of Coronado has promoted Mary Hays to executive vice president. Sheryl L. Rowling of Rowling, Dold & Associates LLP has been selected by Worth magazine as one

New Logo Features Site

When driving onto the campus of CSU San Marcos, a clear picture is seen of the school's buildings nestled into a hillside.

Steinem Discusses Womens' Financial Issues During 'Conversations Over Coffee'

Women throughout San Diego County are invited to engage in conversation with activist and author Gloria Steinem during a forum that will address prevalent issues facing American women.

Real Estate & Construction

Selling agents: Bret Gossett, Nick Psyllos, Tyson Moffatt and John Gross of CB Richard Ellis represented the seller. Stan Tomer and Pat Kane of CB Richard Ellis represented the buyer.

Real Estate New Web site takes a crack at real estate sales

The next in the line of Web sites offering a means for listing "for sale by owner" homes on the Multiple Listing Service is San Diego-based

Insurance Workers' comp bill may raise rates

A bill winding its way through the state Legislature may have serious consequences for local businesses paying workers' compensation insurance premiums that already appear to be increasing.

CyberBucks Impacts from Hewlett-Packard merger unknown

It's too early to say what the local impacts will be from the merger of Hewlett-Packard Co. and Compaq, but the chances are they won't be much, at least over the short term, says Bruce Ahern, a local high-tech analyst.

Biotech Nature sets new requirements for publication

Starting October 1, the renowned journal Nature will join the ranks of other science publications that are asking scientists who submit papers to disclose any financial interests in their work.

Promotion Communications most important during soft economy

Historically during a soft and uncertain economy, the reaction of many a company has been to batten down the hatches and simultaneously rid itself of anything deemed extraneous, including its consultants.

Marketing Booming Hispanic market seeks new approaches

Numbers from the new census show that more than 35.3 million Hispanics are now living in the United States, making them the nation's second largest minority.

Media Televator offers flat screen programming for elevators

Locally based Televator continues to work on finding buildings and advertisers to take part in its elevator programming.

Defense Navy turns to private industry for military homes

Defense: Contracting Out Housing Expected to Help Reduce Shortage of Quarters

Enterprise Burning Glass focuses its lens on matching employers and employees

Business: Developer and provider of information extraction and predictive software for human resources industry.

Lead Pro bono marketing work poses challenges, rewards

At Cooper Iverson Marketing in Hillcrest, agency co-founder Lorraine Iverson saw a TV story about Dress for Success, and was moved by the group's work.

Public Relations Role of PR in marketing isn't spin, it's glue

From the debut of the Wonder Bra to the introduction of the blue M & M; to the makeover of Betty Crocker, public relations has played a vital role setting the stage for the marketing that drove sales of these products to national success.

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Hospitality American Property Management Corp. buys Harbour Lights

The newly purchased Harbour Lights Resort in the Gaslamp Quarter is being repositioned from a timeshare property to a boutique hotel.

Commentary Inclusionary zoning: A fairy-tale housing solution

The chief executive of the city housing commission was in attendance, as were representatives of the nation's largest bank. We were celebrating the opening of a successful 184-home community in Southern California.

Small Business and Retail Small business mourns passing of SBA's Braswel

Delores Braswell, spokeswoman for the Small Business Administration locally, died at home Aug. 27 after enduring months of treatment for a debilitating illness.

Law Annual survey puts local 1st year associates at $125,000

San Diego is among the cities where the median income for first-year associates at large law firms is $125,000.

High-Tech Japanese firm begins trial of PacketVideo software

Telecom carrier NTT DoCoMo and several other Japanese companies will soon begin field trials of a technology from another Pacific Rim player: San Diego-based PacketVideo Corp.

Government Airport authority plan gets OK'd by state committee

legislation eliminates a public vote. Peace has said it would not be legal for San Diego voters to approve the plan because it would contradict powers of the state's constitution, which set up the San Diego Unified Port District, the current operator of L

Biotech Immune Response pins its hope on special drug study

Officials at Immune Response Corp. said they will rely primarily on data from a small human trial as it is getting ready to file for regulatory approval in Europe and the United States for its experimental vaccine drug Remune.

Public Relations Agencies

Public Relations Agencies

Technology Hughes Network Systems survives hectic days

Last year the challenge facing the area head of Hughes Network Systems was managing a 40 percent employee turnover.

Publisher's Notebook Projects put our economy back on track

As the year 2001 begins to wind down , only 112 days left and just 105 shopping days until Christmas , there are still some significant issues on the table that we're hopeful will be settled before 2002 kicks off.

Habitat for Humanity Launches Materials Web Site

Buying and selling excess building materials is now as easy as a click of the mouse.

Energy Power crisis is changing California's economy

Power was going to get cheaper , taking the sting out of at least one part of California's high cost of doing business.

Health Care Survey ranks area hospitals 'average' for care

San Diego hospital representatives said a recent survey that provided feedback on their health care services was informative.

Profile Alice Hayes keeps funds coming to USD to fuel the new projects on campus

Education: Doctorate in biological sciences, Northwestern University; master's degree in botany, University of Illinois at Urbana; bachelor's degree in biology, Mundelein College (now a part of Loyola University of Chicago)

Editorial Fleet realignment bolsters San Diego

Before World War II, ports up and down the West Coast sustained much of the Navy's activities.

Monday, September 3

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Editor's Notebook Spirit shows women's soccer is here to stay

When the San Diego Spirit women's pro soccer team held its first formal press conference early last spring to introduce several executives and players, I was struck by the amount of people , media and otherwise , gathered at USD's Jenny Craig Pavilion.

Office Supply Companies

Office Supply Companies

Automotive Auto insurance technology firm Mitchell International plans acquisition of competitor

A San Diego company that speeds data between insurance companies and auto shops is acquiring a similar business in the Silicon Valley.

Small Business and Retail Women business owners seek advice; men don't

Women business owners are less likely than their male counterparts to have a mentor before opening a business, but are more likely to consult outside sources on business management and growth issues.

Computers Gateway 'retrenching' continues with 4,700 layoffs

Gateway Inc.'s massive overhaul that included the layoff of a quarter of its worldwide staff last week was a painful but necessary step for a company struggling to survive, said a local high-tech analyst.

Aerial Views Offered By Entrepreneur

When Mark Lipsky scrutinizes photos in real estate magazines, the word "boring" usually comes to mind.

How To Re-examining practices for a cost-effective office

In today's marketplace, how you procure your company's outside materials, parts or services is as important as what you procure. Companies using a procurement strategy based upon transactions have driven up the cost of doing business with their suppliers;

Sports Biz Thoroughbred Club wraps up another year at Del Mar

The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club's racing season is winding down with Sept. 5 the last day of action.


Regarding Editor Martin Hill's column, "Deregulation Texas-Style: Where's John Wayne?" (SDBJ, Aug. 20):

Health Care HMO executive salaries are scrutinized as rates continue to climb

A recent report issued by a consumer group shows that top HMO executives are enjoying large compensation packages in a period when consumers face double-digit premium rate hikes.

Editorial Budget planners must avoid past errors

The American philosopher George Santayana warned us that "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." These would be good words for Congress and the White House to ponder as they consider future budgetary matters for the country.

CyberBucks Drop in VC funds part of nationwide trend

The venture capital investment into local firms slowed in the second quarter but it hasn't dried up entirely, according to the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers MoneyTree survey.

High-Tech Titan Systems creating state Web site for Massachusetts

Nearly four centuries later, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is revamping its government. More specifically, that government's place on the Web.

Real Estate Relocation site lists San Diego as a 'Top Spot'

In case there aren't enough obvious reasons why people might be interested in moving to San Diego, two new Web sites are offering information about San Diego to people looking to move to a new city.

Real Estate Developers tout advantages of living Downtown

Condominium developers Downtown say they are selling more than homes; they claim they're selling a lifestyle.

Biotech Digirad plans IPO to enhance diagnostic work

San Diego-based Digirad Corp. recently announced it has filed a $69 million initial public offering of common stock with the SEC last month.

Car Dealer Puts Porsche Owners in Driver's Seat

His fascination with cars coupled with a penchant for tinkering led him to his first job as a mechanic. In 1976 he came to San Diego to run a Porsche dealership with race car driver Alan Johnson.

Small Business Feds are forcing small businesses out of Hotel San Diego

La Phok, owner of Pacific Coast Chinese & Thai Food, still has his "Grand Opening" sign up above his restaurant on West Broadway in Downtown. But four months after opening, the federal government ordered him to move.

Real Estate & Construction

The seventh annual Passport to the Future and Trade Show will take place from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sept. 20 on National City's waterfront at Marina Way and 32nd Street.

Enterprise Sink or swim, Soak City water park basks in the challenge

In an ideal world, Marty Keithley would have a knob in his office that controlled the thermostat of Chula Vista , not to mention the other San Diego communities surrounding his water park, Knott's Soak City USA.

Finance Redlands-based bank acquires Palomar Community

Palomar Community Bank has gone through some changes in the last few years, so the latest one shouldn't be that tough.

Lead Office of the future showcases advanced tools, technology

Visitors to the MicroSkills corporate office on Miramar Road have more options when it comes to waiting room activities.

Elections State cutbacks in community college funding draws fire

Local legislators and community college students joined the fight to recover $98 million of the $126 million in community college funding cut from the state budget by Gov. Gray Davis.

Work Environment Friendships key to worker longevity, satisfaction

When President Bush made his decision on limited funding for stem cell research, he mentioned that he sought out and obtained the advice from, among other people, friends. Friendship is a universal norm, and often enough our opinions and important decisio

Tourism Carlsbad campaign puts a face on the city

In revamping its marketing campaign, the Carlsbad Convention & Visitors Bureau is giving it a distinctly grass-roots feel.

Cellular Assn. Hosts Wireless IT and Internet Show

San Diego is practically ground zero for wireless communications. Three days this month will make it even more so.

Commentary Legislation offers incentives to conserve energy

While blackouts have not become the daily occurrence in California that experts predicted, the energy crisis still weighs heavy on our minds.

Profile Bonni Graham uses her creative writing background to make techno-speak understandable

Hobbies: Swimming, snorkeling, gardening, reading, martial arts, comedy troupe

Internet takeover gets go-ahead, Inc. ended life as an independent, publicly traded company last week as shareholders approved French conglomerate Vivendi Universal's takeover of the Internet company.

Equipment Equipment manuals can be office's best resource

If you ask 10 different people what their most valuable office resource is, you'll get a wide range of answers.

Student's Work Honored for Fantasy House Design

Nine-year-old Point Loma student Laura McKinstry is getting an early start with a career in architecture.

Media Court renders decision in case of Union-Tribune pressroom

Because of recent federal court decisions, the pressroom workers' union at the San Diego Union-Tribune is unlikely to be decertified in the immediate future.

People On The Move

Meissner Jacquet Investment Management Services has hired Susan St. John as an on-site property manager and Paul J. Weiner as property manager.