Stories for March 2001

Monday, March 26

Commentary Pirating unemployment fund rewards people by robbing them

It's been a long time at sea for some of the sailors on the Good Ship Government.

Biotech Alliance's return to clinical trials may cause product delays

Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp. said preliminary data showed its experimental blood substitute Oxygent was not linked to strokes, which led the company to halt late-stage human trials in January.

Software Software makers 'segment' their market to boost sales

Boxes upon boxes of income tax software sit near the entrance to a Mission Valley warehouse store.

Soroptimists to Sponsor Prom Dress Expo

Young girls from throughout North County can make their dreams of becoming Cinderella come true at the fifth annual Prom Dress Expo at the Performing Arts Theatre of the Handicapped at San Marcos.

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Bodybuilding's Golden Boy Promotes Store, Launches Book

One of the living legends in the sport of bodybuilding will flex his pecs during his appearance at a vitamin store in the San Diego area this Saturday.

Editorial Energy secretary Abraham fiddles while the rest of us burn

Popular myth has it the Roman emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned. While that may not be historically correct, it certainly describes Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham's actions in the midst of what is bound to become a national energy crisis.

People On The Move

Southwest Community Bank has appointed Loran Bailey as vice president, business development. 1st Pacific Bank of California has appointed James Burgess as executive vice president/CFO and Richard H. Revier as executive vice president/chief credit officer.

St. Patrick's Day Martini Class Has Luck of the Irish

A little after 2 p.m. last Saturday at Gaslamp District restaurant Tupelo, bartender Shane Dudley may not have been feeling all too lucky.

Insurance Burnham expands Orange County insurance activities; buys firm

TUSTIN , San Diego's John Burnham & Co. has bought Tustin-based The Bowman Co. Insurance Services.

Small Business and Retail Seminar puts a stamp on post office technology

Local business leaders can attend not one but two San Diego conventions to learn how technology can improve retail business.

School Specialist Focuses on One 'R'

CARLSBAD , "Entrepreneurship" is a tough word for a grade-school student to get his mouth around.

Local Author Releases Historical Novel

"Protecting Jennie," a historical romance novel by local author Ann Collins, was recently released by Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. Collins was born and raised in La Jolla. She began writing while teaching English in Japan 11 years ago.

Real Estate DPR Construction honored for customer performance

San Diego's DPR Construction Inc. received top honors in the "customers" category of Arthur Andersen's sixth annual Global Best Practices Awards for creating customer value in the new economy.

Real Estate & Construction

Selling agents: Jay Arnett of Burnham real Estate Services represented the seller. John Hale, CCIM of Colliers International represented the buyer.

Lead Does it take marketing muscle to survive in San Diego?

It's not always easy being the new kid in town, especially when your playground of choice is the local marketing industry.

Law Attorneys making divorce court less acrimonious

But two North County lawyers have decided to replace their traditional roles as litigators in divorce cases and work in a "less hostile" environment. Michelle Sullivan and Charlene Baron operate separate family law practices in Rancho Bernardo and Carlsba

About The List Radio stations expect to weather economic storms

The dark cloud hanging over the economy doesn't seem to be bringing a downpour on the local radio industry.

Publisher's Notebook Tourism flies in face of economic forecast

The economy remains in neutral, with the motor still running, and while Greenspan's adjustment to the interest rate March 20 is a step in the right direction not every industry is waiting for an invitation to begin moving forward.

Defense Local officials discount rumors the new carrier USS Reagan may go to Bremerton instead of San Diego

The Navy town that ultimately hosts the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan will see $141 million in salaries pumped into its economy annually.

High-Tech Overland names new officers, sets new facility

Overland Data, Inc. has new leadership and is on its way to changing its address.

Tourism Prospects continue to brighten for the proposed bayside Spinnaker Hotel

Although a few changes are still on the horizon, prospects continue to brighten for the sail-shaped Spinnaker Hotel project that could cost up to $70 million.

Enterprise beats the odds by selling low rates

Craig Alan Nowak, director of marketing for mortgage and financial Web site, isn't surprised by the reaction he and his pals sometimes get from the traditional business world.



Marketing Selling to consumers' mindset, not their age

Advertisers and businesses need to target the mindset of a generation or risk losing revenue and consumers, according to Phil Goodman, president of Generation Transitional Marketing, a local market research firm.

CyberBucks SureBeam tests IPO waters despite rough seas

It might have been the worst possible time to hold an initial public offering, but the folks at SureBeam Corp., a spinoff from San Diego's Titan Corp., went ahead with it anyway.

Media Jenny Craig steps into online promotions

The company's founder and namesake is participating in the business' first-ever Web chat March 26.

Profile Art Madrid puts overtime effort into his part-time position as La Mesa's mayor

La Mesa Mayor Art Madrid keeps plenty busy. Aside from overseeing the city of La Mesa, Madrid holds posts on numerous boards and commissions. They include: immediate past chair of the San Diego Association of Governments; president of the California Counc

Telecom Cyberlane is on the road to CDMA success

Telecom Engineering Firm Sees Rapid Growth in the Face of Faltering Industry

Environment City setback in EPA case considered to be minor

San Diego suffered a minor setback in its ongoing battle over whether it will have to shell out at least $3 billion for additional sewage treatment.

Government City rescue helicopter plan in holding pattern

In their pitch to find sponsors to support a fire and rescue helicopter, San Diego city officials discovered something is missing from their plan.

Energy Los Angeles and Long Beach suits allege Sempra subsidiaries manipulated natural gas prices

A lawsuit alleging two subsidiaries of San Diego-based Sempra Energy conspired with a Texas energy corporation to keep energy prices artificially high has now spread.

Commentary Do plaintiffs' lawyers want firms to leave California?

Is it possible economic development offices of states like Utah, Tennessee and the Carolinas have hired California's personal injury lawyers to help lure companies away from the Golden State?

Finance Financial pros applaud Fed's rate cut

While the Federal Reserve Bank loosened credit strings by reducing a key interest rate last week to stimulate the national economy, the effect may be a bit like pushing on a string, said several local analysts and bankers.

Monday, March 19

Wireless SensCom aims to take banking on the road

The automated teller machine put banking on the sidewalk. The home computer put it in the spare bedroom.

Garfield to Guard Web Sites

A San Diego-based company is joining forces with a big orange cat to help keep children safe on the Internet.

Labor CEO warns old economy must adapt to new

Old economy businesses need to change their ways or risk losing good employees to new economy companies.

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Energy Energy crisis expected to worsen and spread to other states

Energy: Shortages, High Rates Beginning to Affect Other States, Say Experts

Commentary How the arts can fuel California's economy

Former NEA Chairman John Frohmeyer observed a decade ago that "creativity is the currency of the future."

Industry Profile Ron Phillips puts a personal face on money management

For a guy who manages million-dollar portfolios on a daily basis, Ron Phillips is pretty humble.

Biotech Invitrogen sells assets, consolidates

CARLSBAD , The $55 million sale of a manufacturing plant in Rockville, Md., is part of Carlsbad-based Invitrogen Inc.'s strategy to create "centers of excellence" by integrating research and development and production to cut operating costs.

About The List Banks step up business' efficiency with tech services

If the philosophy for businesses is time is money, banks would do well by helping businesses save money by saving time.

Privacy Bank customers have right to be informed of privacy policies

Customers of banks, credit unions and other financial institutions who want their banks to keep mailing-list information to themselves will be getting periodic reminders they can "opt out" of such mailings.

Development Land is scarce for short-term building

Companies looking to locate or expand their businesses in San Diego County within the next year on 50 or more acres may have to look elsewhere.

CyberBucks Gateway begins the hunt for new office space

Gateway Inc., the PC maker that has its headquarters in the University City area, is looking around for new offices, but says it isn't abandoning the county.

Defense Chief of naval operations predicts quick results from all-service review

The Navy's senior officer told a San Diego crowd it will not see results from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon spending review until perhaps May.

Bankruptcy Involuntary bankruptcy: A creditor's last resort

Since the days of the Twelve Tables in ancient Rome, laws have been enacted to regulate the liquidation of property of bankrupts for the benefits of their creditors.

Real Estate and Construction

Selling agents: Larry Bogle of Retail Properties Group represented the buyer. Richard Lebert of Colliers International represented the seller.

Tourism Awards recognize beauty of S.D.'s tourism campaign

San Diego's tourism marketing campaign took several awards at an industry advertising competition earlier this month.

Area Banks

Area Banksel listo

Biotech 'Terminator' bug test raises hopes, concerns

Biotech: Scientists Created Genetically Engineered Insects to Halt Breeding

Environment Bitterroot Restoration hired to sweeten local military bases

DEL MAR , An environmental restoration firm based out of Corvallis, Mont., has come to town to clean up contamination on military bases in San Diego and Southern California.

Walkers Bond Together While Raising Money

Walking isn't just good for your physical health. Organized fund-raising walks can generate improved workplace morale, not to mention the cash donations.

Automated Services Bank to provide casino with cash-access services

La Mesa-based Borrego Springs Bank will soon provide casino cash access services to the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians' casino in San Bernardino County.

Advertising Ad agency leaves town after brief stay

After a much-ballyhooed entrance into San Diego last summer, buying what had years ago been a top agency in town, the Corsi Group has pulled out of the market.

Internet Wells Fargo introduces online account service

Wells Fargo & Co. recently launched an online account service that will allow customers nationwide single sign-on access to multiple accounts from one Internet site. Wells OneLook, unveiled last week, is a free account aggregation service available throug

Workplace Issues Author suggests talking as a way to work out grief

One of the hardest duties at a workplace can be trying to deal with someone who recently lost a loved one.

Profile Newly arrived SeaWorld GM J. Dennis Burks achieves long-held ambition

little after 6 on an evening in late January, J. Dennis Burks was in Tampa Bay, Fla. to host an appreciation dinner for food-service employees at a Busch Gardens park.

Editor's Notebook A new look for the old Wards

The $85 million center is a wonderful facility, with a 1,500-seat concert venue as good as any in the county. Performers have raved about the acoustics, and rightly so. It's crystal clear from the second row all the way to the upper balcony.

Editorial Bush's grow-slow defense budget

It's such a simple formula. Take one newly elected Republican president, add one GOP-controlled Legislature and , voila! , instant defense budget increase. What could be simpler?

People On The Move

Donald W. Murray has been promoted to executive vice president for Community National Bank. Pacific Bank of California has appointed Charlotte Vasquez as assistant vice president. Sentra Securities Corp. and Spelman & Co., Inc. has named Timothy K. Boyd v

Ballpark City eyes mid-2003 ballpark opening

Even with a new and improved financing plan, the Padres ballpark in Downtown remains stalled and may not resume construction this year because of outstanding litigation.

Defense Local officials riled over possible Navy reversal on basing third carrier here

San Diego may have a fight on its hands regarding the newly launched aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

High-Tech Survey says high-tech worker pool has shrunk

San Diego County's sizable technology employment pool dropped by 2 percent between 1999 and 2000.

Enterprise Attorneys rule in favor of AJL Litigation's multimedia approach

In 1981, August Larsen took the advice of several relatives and jumped into the legal industry.

Narrowing the Gender Gap In Technology

The San Diego Futures Foundation is working to close the gender gap in the digital divide.

Technology Gateway's business division reaches crossroads

LAKE FOREST , A management shake-up that put Gateway Inc.'s founder back in the driver's seat is raising questions among industry observers about the future of the company's 600-employee Lake Forest division in Orange County.

Students Writing Business Plans for $15K Payoff

In a typical corporate arena, a promising business plan is rewarded with accolades from company executives and/or increases in profit margin.

Lead Banks have reservations about committing to communities

As the number of locally based banks dwindles and even larger statewide banks are gobbled up by larger mega-banks, the extent of community reinvestment activity by banks is also declining, said the director of the San Diego Reinvestment Task Force, a join

Industry Profile Doug Sawyer: An all-star banker

San Diego's Doug Sawyer, one of the top executives for Bank of America in California, only got into banking by accident ... his first love was baseball.

Sports Biz Chargers sign $102 million worth of new players

The San Diego Chargers entered the NFL's free agency period with the idea of bringing in new players to fill the team's weak spots and bringing them in fast.

Commentary Ratepayers face yet another fleecing by SDG

As the state's doomed electricity deregulation legislation continues to unravel, at every fatal twist I become more determined to do everything I can to protect innocent ratepayers.

Monday, March 12

Government City, county eye joint capital fund to boost small business

Responding to a credit study that showed a dearth of money for small-business financing, startups and affordable housing in San Diego, a joint city-county task force is recommending creating an equity capital fund that addresses those needs.

Car Rentals Travel groups expect increases in rental car prices

Business travelers and the companies they represent may soon have to dole out a little more cash to cover expenses , namely, the increasing price of rental cars.

Farmer's Market A New Downtown Destination

Buying oranges from the back of a grower's pickup is not something you would expect to do in the shade of a Downtown high-rise.

Editorial A foul smell in our water

Tourism is our region's third-largest economic driver, yet we seem to keep shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to one of the area's most precious resources.

Travel Agencies

Travel Agenciesel listo

Education Local firms get an 'A' for Monarch High aid

Education: Local Businesses Pitch in to Refurbish High School for Homeless Kids

Tourism Holiday Bowl 2000's financial impact falls short of earlier games

Despite a small slip in overall impact, officials of the Culligan Holiday Bowl were happy to report another year in which the event generated more than $20 million.

Profile Timothy Malott channels his abundant energy into investment deals and helping others

Timothy Malott Channels His Abundant Energy Into Investment Deals and Helping Others

Junior League to Celebrate 100 Years of Volunteering

The local chapter of the Junior League will celebrate the organization's centennial with a well-known entrepreneur as guest speaker and a local philanthropist as the special honoree.

Technology Local firm's projections fall flat with layoffs

Former Startup of the Year Sought to Add 75 Employees, Expand Operations in Asia

For The Record

Leasing Agents: Reg Kobzi, Joe Greeno and Corinna Gattasso of Grubb & Ellis represented the lessee. John Still of Flocke & Avoyer represented the lessor.

Commentary It looks like we want to shoot the messenger

We sometimes shoot the messenger associated with bad news, even if he did not cause it. That is what is happening in our current energy crisis, which many unfairly blame on state Sen. Steve Peace, D-El Cajon.

Center Takes Novel Approach to Health Maintenance

Internist Dr. Janette J. Gray found the penetration of managed care prompted many of her colleagues to leave California or move into retirement.

Small Business and Retail Polls conflict over small business' feelings on energy crisis

How is California being affected by the California energy crisis? It depends on which poll you read.

Hotels Resorts find unique ways to cater to corporate visitors

For years, the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau has spent a lot of money marketing San Diego as a destination to one of the most important and growing visitor segments , the corporate travel group.

High-Tech Qualcomm buys trucking services firm

March brought word of two developments, which were unrelated except for the fact that both employ wireless and computer technology to help people keep tabs on trucks.

Tourists Will Be Showing Passports at S.D. Venues

Several players in the local tourism industry have gotten together to promote a new joint pass.

Media Local firms featured in New York City ad publication

The print work of several local advertising agencies was featured in the Advertising Annual 2001 of Graphis, a New York City-based industry publication.

People On The Move

Patriot Scientific Corp. has named David H. Pohl as corporate secretary. Richard Baker has been appointed senior analyst at Cairns, Eng, and Applegate, LLP has hired Kimberly Maye and Barry Rosenblatt as tax managers and Laura Keiff

Redevelopment City officials want one last look at library plan

Redevelopment: Ballpark District Site Still Appears To Be Location of Choice


I read the article on the lack of middle schools having good old "shop class" (Feb. 12 edition of the San Diego Business Journal) and I just had to comment.

Energy Bailout negotiations continue between the governor's office and SDG

Negotiations continue for the purchase of San Diego Gas & Electric Co.'s transmission lines by the state, but neither party is saying what stage those talks are in or how much the transaction might cost taxpayers.

Enterprise Imaging technology raises firm's self-image as a player among heavyweights

Scott Huennekens recently put all other business on hold and spent two days introducing a cardiology crew from North Carolina to San Diego's golf courses and restaurants.

Biotech CancerVax to invest $30 million in skin cancer research

CARLSBAD , Carlsbad-based CancerVax Corp., led by San Diego's biotech pioneer David Hale, announced it has raised $30 million in venture capital money.

About The List Local theme parks plan expansions

With San Diego's neighbor Disney to the north opening the California Adventure theme park in Anaheim last month, it's no wonder some local theme parks already made plans for expansions of their own.

CyberBucks On-Point hits jackpot with lottery business sale

On-Point Technology, a publicly traded San Marcos firm that bills itself as "one of the world's largest providers of high security vending products," recently agreed to sell its core lottery business to Cincinnati-based Interlott Technologies, Inc., for a

Law Law week offers understanding of legal system

The San Diego County Bar Association and the Lawyer Referral and Information Service are giving county residents an inside look at the field of law.

Publisher's Notebook Care for your people to build sales

The majority of businesses today are wondering how to improve their sales, revenue or market share.

Telecom Firm hopes new wireless plan will fly

A balloon tethered at 15,000 feet could one day hold the infrastructure for wireless telecommunications serving a 140-mile wide circle of land.

Lead Airline ticket prices expected to soar if competitors merge

It's a term often heard in the business of corporate travel, where soaring prices have become increasingly common.

Biotech Ligand's oncology products to be launched in Europe

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s chief executive hopes a new marketing agreement with an Ireland-based pharmaceutical firm will boost sales and profits this year.

Monday, March 5

Energy C.B. Richard Ellis turns to new lighting system to save power costs

A San Diego business has turned to a Rockville, Md.-based firm to reduce its energy costs and help keep the power flowing in a time of rolling blackouts.

Commentary USS Midway will have big benefits for business

The proposal to establish the ex-USS Midway in San Diego Bay as the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum promises to be one of the most profound developments in the San Diego business community in years. Its far-reaching economic ramifications will extend in

Tourism San Diego has bountiful supply of new hotels and rooms

San Diego topped the region in the number of new hotels and rooms opened last year, according to a Costa Mesa-based firm.

Law Luce Forward takes a step away from tradition

Luce Forward Hamilton & Scripps' move to Carmel Valley not only represents the law firm's extension from its Downtown hub, but it's also a move from the traditional arrangement most law firms abide by.

Technology Mad Catz's game controllers go wireless

True to its San Diego roots, an area video game accessory maker has gone wireless.

This Art Class Is All About Business

Goethe may have said, "Art is long, life is short," but these days, art is rewarding, and life is expensive.

Brokerages Real estate brokerage offers rebates for online homebuying

Brian Yui doesn't believe his startup is vulnerable to current market conditions. Nor does he believe his dot-com is a potential victim of prevalent stereotypes.

Editorial Offering a salute to Liberty Station

Over the past half-century or so, literally hundreds of thousands of young men and women exited the gates of the Naval Training Center seeking a little time off from the rigors of becoming a sailor.

RealEstate Agencies

RealEstate Agenciesel listo

Tourism Concert promoter wins contract for two Downtown venues

Broadway/San Diego will now be the exclusive concert promoter at the San Diego Civic Theatre and Golden Hall.

Biotech Mouse genetics give clues to curing human diseases

San Diego-based Sequenom Inc. and the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation have joined forces to unravel genetic differences in the mouse genome aiming to find drug targets associated with human disease.

Law Court reaffirms building code laws favorable to developers

The California Supreme Court's decision to uphold a San Diego court ruling has some developers believing more affordable housing is on its way to San Diego.

People On The Move

Berkshire Mortgage Finance has hired Jeff Day as senior vice president and production manager.

Energy Big power users may get relief from state Assembly bill

San Diego's largest electricity users, reeling from sharply higher utility bills, are anxiously awaiting passage of legislation that may limit the amount of money they must pay for power.

Real Estate Concrete work done for Horizons Marina project

Roel Construction Co. completed the structural concrete portion for Vancouver, British Columbia-based Bosa Development's Horizons Marina project.

Sports Biz Sycuan signs on for another year in Padres' dugout

The San Diego Padres managed to bring back another major contributor to its ballclub this year.

CyberBucks Gateway chairman Waitt sees bumpy road ahead

The bad news just keeps on coming for PC-maker Gateway Inc., which is headquartered in San Diego.

Internet New homes sold with virtual tours, online bids

Initially Mike Reynolds, president of local homebuilder Reynolds Communities, was apprehensive about selling his new-home community over the Internet.

High-Tech Truce called in Verance patent lawsuit

San Diego-based Verance Corp. and Tualatin, Ore.-based Digimarc Corp. have called a time-out in their legal fight.

Environment Nassco faces unknown costs for bay clean-up

Now that one of the most prominent local shipbuilders is expected to pay for part of the cost of cleaning up San Diego Bay, the question is, how much will it have to shell out?

Health Care Deadline for settling Mercy-Medicare contract extended

Thousands of Medicare patients remain in limbo as contract negotiations between Secure Horizons and Mercy Physicians Medical Group continue.

Government City reappoints Patricia McQuater as Port District rep

Government: Janopaul Also Named to Panel Amid Commission's Uncertain Future

Editor's Notebook Energy woes are a federal problem

California has been all but abandoned in its struggle to extract itself from the energy quagmire wrought by deregulation. Despite numerous appeals to federal authorities , including President George W. Bush , we have received more taunts than help.

Lead Red tape just one of many clogs in building process

"Builders in Southern California are subject to the most stringent land use requirements in the nation," said Matthew Adams of the San Diego County Building Industry Association.

Media Ex-TV anchors channeling careers into radio

Last Wednesday, Bree Walker's plans for her show on local talk station KSDO-AM weren't that rattled by news of Seattle's earthquake.

P.R. Leader Active in Fund-Raising

Dave Nuffer may be slowing down his work schedule, but he's not paring his involvement in community causes.

Trade New WTC chairman adds a San Diego touch

Richard Ledford was a bit surprised when he discovered he was named the new chairman of the San Diego World Trade Center.

Telecom Qualcomm settles with ex-workers

A group of former Qualcomm Inc. employees and their attorneys will split $11 million after Qualcomm and the employee group agreed to settle the employees' class action lawsuit.

Invention Designed For Infants' Airline Safety

The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to mandate some type of restraint system for children under age 2 traveling in airplanes.

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Entrepreneurs Learn From Master of Creative Thinking

Albert Einstein once said, "Creativity is seeing what everyone sees and thinking what no one has ever thought."

Profile Lisa Walters-Hoffert wins over investors interested in biotech

Even in her life's most embarrassing moment in front of millions of viewers when the Spanish-speaking moderator of Costa Rica's No. 1 talent show asked her a question she didn't understand, she saved herself with wit, charm and grace , by praising the cou

Media Buyout expands nutrition business' territory

The head executive at locally based Nutrition Business International, LLC is bullish about a Cleveland-based media company's recent purchase of his firm.

Centre City Downtown becomes a prominent residential community

Downtown San Diego has emerged as one of the county's fastest-growing housing development market.

Small Business and Retail Energy crisis threatens state's small business base

The energy crisis is so overwhelming to small business owners that one in five of them are already looking to move out of California.

Economy Economists: Slowdown, yes, recession, no

Employment: Energy Crisis Is Still the Wild Card in County's Economic Future

Technology Intranets become a selling point at new-home communities

In the southwest corner of San Marcos near Carlsbad lies San Elijo Hills, a new bedroom community hoping to set a trend with a network linking 3,400 homes, three schools and up to 30 local businesses using high-speed Internet access.