Stories for November 1999

Monday, November 15

Making Your Building More Energy-Efficient

All property owners and asset managers ponder over how to lower operating costs. With one of the largest expenses involved in operating costs being utilities, most know that energy-efficient systems are important. Because of the extra design time and equi

Just Say No to the ATM Fee Ban

It has often been said, "You can't legislate morality and you can't legislate intelligence."

Good for Owners Who Are on a Tight Budget

Everybody knows that design-build has its pros and cons. While design-bid-build, or traditional project delivery, is still the most popular way of managing a project, design-build is catching up.

Addressing the Needs of Military Retirees and Vets

The American people expect their members of Congress to make tough decisions while in office, and that is what we are currently doing as we work on the bills , "appropriations bills" in Washingtonian-speak , which fund our government programs.

People on the move

Ronald A. Friedman, a certified public accountant, has been admitted as an owner of Carter, Polito & Muscio, Inc.


The California Energy Commission is planning a public workshop on a proposed construction project for Otay Mesa Generating Co., LLC.

Local Students Will Get a Break on Entering SDSU

SDSU has been directed to change its admission standards for 2000-01, lowering eligibility requirements for incoming freshmen from San Diego and Imperial counties.


A San Diego businesswoman is the new national president of Girl Scouts of the USA.


Western Pacific Data Systems is providing its Gold maintenance, repair, overhaul and inventory software to Minneapolis-based Sun Country Airlines.

Computer Technology Plays a Crucial Role

With the Y2K deadline only weeks away, businesses everywhere are scrambling to ensure their computer systems are compliant. The construction industry is feeling pressure, as computer technology plays a crucial role in almost all aspects of construction ,

Seniors Demand Alternatives to Institutional Care

Get ready for "Senior Boomers" who are forcing major changes in planning and design strategies for residential, commercial and health care development.

CollegeClub.Com Puts

Frat parties, all-night study sessions, the pizza delivery guy , all things associated with college campuses.

A Real Mover

When Susan Danish walked into her Complexions Rx store to be interviewed, the first thing she did was glance up, smile and say hi.

Power Lunching Fades

Closing Fio's Cucina Italiana for lunch wasn't an easy decision, recalled Jack Berkman, co-owner of the Gaslamp Quarter restaurant.

Grocery Bags Change, Employees Stay the Same

The name has changed, and the colors on the bags are different, but prices and selection should remain the same after Albertson's Inc. bought out American Stores, Inc., parent company of Lucky Stores, Inc.

S.D. Market Strong in Wake of National Report

As higher mortgage rates slow construction in other parts of the country, several homebuilders with local projects say they will hold grand openings and releasing projects for sale in the next few weeks.

Commercial Buildings can be inspected

Even in San Diego, building owners and property managers get concerned about how their roofs will hold up through winter rains.

Stevens Makes His Mayoral Candidacy Official

San Diego City Councilman George Stevens, who has represented the 4th District since 1991, made his official announcement as a candidate for mayor Nov. 6 at a Mission Bay mobile home park.

Chargers Explain PR Strategy

The latest off-field debacle for Ryan Leaf of the San Diego Chargers , Leaf reportedly shouted obscenities at general manager Bobby Beathard and a training coach , spelled yet another PR nightmare for the team.

North County Looks Toward Catching Tech Wave

Coastal North County communities are riding the wave of technology, hoping to create tekkie hubs and attract new-media workers.

Regular Inspection of Parking Structures a Must

There are many things that affect the condition of your concrete parking facility. Weather, loading, improper drainage and poor construction all can take their toll, making regular inspection and maintenance a necessity.

Experts Cautiously Optimistic About Area's Economy

San Diegans can expect higher inflation, interest rates, housing costs, and more people next year.


Small businesses around the country are doing better now than ever before, and the new century promises to bring about greater success, according to one official.

San Diego County RE Prices

Prices being paid for some San Diego County commercial real estate began leveling off in late 1998 and appear to be holding steady, statistics and conversations with brokers and agents indicate.

Foundation Revives Push for Needle Exchange Plan

This week, readers of community newspapers will be confronted with ads highlighting the less-sunny side of San Diego: A little boy reaching into the bushes recovers not a ball, but a drug users' discarded dirty needle.

Commercial Real Estate

The surge in new commercial real estate construction that began in 1997 continues fast and furious. By the time 1999 draws to a close, San Diego County will have witnessed more than 13 million square feet in new office, industrial and R & D; completions, the

General Liability Insurance

There is a common misconception in the real estate and construction industry that only environmental and remediation contractors and design firms face environmental exposures. In reality, all members of the construction team need to protect themselves fro

Revenues Keep Rising for Building Contractors

Many of the commercial building contractors on The List experienced an increase in revenues just as they did last year.


Designers are making their contribution to the resurgence of the historic South Park District.

Prepare for Sticker Shock

Forget Y2K. Forget millennial doomsday warnings. Get ready for workers' comp sticker shock.

Don't Let Investment Fund Simply Disappear on You

Dear George: Several months ago I made arrangements to transfer my stocks and mutual funds from a full-service firm to an on-line brokerage. Everything has gone smoothly except for one fund that seems to have disappeared. Everyone says they are working on

Collinson Named Chief Executive at Aurora

San Diego-based Aurora Biosciences Corp. announced the appointment of Stuart J.M. Collinson as chief executive officer, replacing Dr. Timothy Rink.

Veterans Deserve Our Admiration and Much More

We have set aside Nov. 11 as Veterans Day, a special day we dedicate to those brave men and women who have risked their lives to defend our freedom. With the last Veterans Day of the century now behind us, we must reflect back on how so many Americans hav

Monday, November 8

Recruitment Enhances Education in the Golden State

Over the past several years, political pundits, parents and politicians have regularly disparaged the state of education in the Golden State.

The Frenzy Continues

e latest in a growing line of San Diego tech firms to strike it rich with an initial public offering. Wall Street is in love with high-tech companies, and JNI's remarkable one-week climb from its IPO on Oct. 27 of $19 to nearly $100 a week later is only t

Barnhart Wins Military Work

Four San Diego construction industry firms report they have won bids for projects in recent weeks.

Jenny Craig Trims Fat After $3.8 Million Loss

La Jolla-based Jenny Craig Inc., the weight-loss service, said it will close 86 of its centers and eliminate 103 positions, including 26 at its headquarters as part of a restructuring to cut its costs.

Mutual Funds Now Widely Available for Investors

Dear George: Can mutual funds be purchased from banks as well as stockbrokers? And, if so, is there a difference between the funds?

Choosing the Correct Show

With more than 10,000 trade shows held in the United States annually, picking the one that will net you the greatest benefit for your investment of time and money can be daunting.


Oacis Healthcare Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of San Diego's Science Applications International Corp., has implemented its order management system into three major health care facilities.

More Business Trips Include Children

They may not be wearing name tags, but children are making their presence felt in ever-growing numbers at conventions and meetings across the nation.

Not Just Another

It's about 8:45 a.m. on a recent Monday. Steven Briggs hops down the front stairs at the La Jolla-based Novartis' Agricultural Discovery Institute Inc. to pose for a picture.

Excellent Way to Make New, High-Level Contacts

Planning an event for a charity is good for your self-image and your career. From time to time, meeting planners are asked if they would be willing to donate their time and expertise to help make a nonprofit event a success. How should you respond? Should

For Your Meeting Or Convention

It seems every year most professional organizations or businesses host one major convention or meeting. The goals are very clear , update employees about changes in the market, technology and company policies. These meetings also aim to provide training i


San Diego-based Conwell Shonkwiler & Associates has been selected by San Diego city officials to design a Mira Mesa vehicle maintenance facility.

No One Minds Their Beeswax Like the Knorrs

Actually, it's not an office, it's a gift shop in Del Mar that sells candles. A lot of them.

Summit Urges Melding of Agencies to Tout Business

San Diego can capture some of the international trade that now regularly bypasses it, but only if it expands and improves its airport, rail lines and other transportation infrastructure.

Mex Fly Discovery Threatens North County Crops

The expensively pesky Mexican fruit fly has been found in Fallbrook, and state agricultural officials have shut the area down with an 80-square-mile quarantine.

Smith Consulting Plans Carlsbad Office Project

As local builders are wrapping up this year's commercial construction jobs, an architectural firm is busy working on one of next year's projects, a company official said.


Audrey Geisel recently contributed $150,000 to the Old Globe Theatre to sponsor the production of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

Renovations Key to Success

It can be as simple as buying new bedspreads or as difficult as restoring a historical landmark, but no matter the project's size, renovations are a key to the success of meeting and convention facilites.

Seminar Teaches that the Workplace Can Be a Jungle

According to local entrepreneur Kat Cunningham, nature has ages-old answers for the business world.


Three San Diego businesses recently received recognition from one of the country's highest ranking military officials.

Analysts, Avenir Officials Differ

After a lengthy struggle with the Food and Drug Administration, San Diego-based Avanir Pharmaceuticals Inc. has been told it won't need to supply additional data to get its oral herpes drug approved.

The Key to Marketing Success

Do you want more business from the meeting, convention and visitor market? To paraphrase one U.S. president's motto for dealing with the U.S. Congress, my advice is communication, compromise and cooperation.

People on the Move

Clifford Schechter joined the Bank of America Private Bank as senior vice president and private financial advisor for Southern California. Michael E. Perry joined Scripps Bank as senior vice president and regional vice president of the North County Region

Monday, November 1


Three prominent San Diego business and technology leaders have been added to the board of directors of webinc., a new local Internet incubator.


San Diego County companies are invited to participate in a local benefits survey conducted by the Eastridge Group, a local staffing company.

More Than Money Driving Employees

As we race toward the new millennium, we have to begin to focus on new budgets and their impact on our teams.

New KNSD Exec Returns to Her San Diego Roots

While a TV news executive in Chicago, Phyllis Schwartz's favorite focus group were cab drivers.